From the Chair

Welcome to the Business Council of Manitoba and thank you for your interest.

Since our inception twenty years ago, we have been guided by an unwavering desire to help make Manitoba stronger for ALL Manitobans. As Chair, I am humbled and honoured to lead a Council made up of business leaders, each of whom have a long established record of doing what is right for our Province.

As we embark on the next twenty years we are even more motivated to take on the challenges and opportunities we will face as a community and look forward to working with all of those who share our optimism for the future of Manitoba.

We have always welcomed opinions, concerns and ideas from every corner of the Province and will continue to voice our views in a candid and respectful manner, free from the influence of any political ideology. It is our hope that together we can offer meaningful and sustainable solutions for the betterment of Manitoba.

We are accessible through LinkedIn and Twitter @bizcouncilmb.

Thanks for being part of the conversation.

Mark J. Chipman