From the Chair

Welcome to the Business Council of Manitoba and thank you for your interest.

I am privileged to have the opportunity to serve as Chair of the Business Council of Manitoba following other successful and accomplished chairs. Since our founding in 1998 our members, the CEO’s of Manitoba’s leading businesses, have contributed to making Manitoba a stronger province.

The Council, now in its third decade, will continue to fulfill its mandate to speak out on major policy issues and to advance non-partisan advice, fresh ideas and policy positions on matters of importance to our members and our province. We will contribute to national issues when appropriate. We will engage with others in respectful discussions on solutions to make Manitoba an even better province.  Working together we can ensure Manitobans enjoy meaningful employment in their home province.

Members of the Business Council believe that it is the investments they and others in the private sector make that will create the sustainable long-term growth, jobs and prosperity all Manitobans seek. We know success is achieved by working in partnership with governments and decision-makers in a position to make the fundamental decisions on the public investments that support economic growth, and just as importantly to improve the quality of life we enjoy in Manitoba.

The Business Council of Manitoba remains committed to making Manitoba a better place to live, work and invest.

We are accessible through LinkedIn and Twitter @bizcouncilmb.

Curt Vossen