Membership to the Business Council of Manitoba is by invitation only. Members must be Chief Executive Officers of important companies, large, medium sized and smaller enterprises, with their head offices in this province.

We have invited only those business leaders who have made commitments, both business and personal, to the health and prosperity of the Manitoba community. Our member companies generate in excess of $35 billion of revenue annually, employ more than 55,000 Manitobans and pay tens of millions of dollars a year in taxation.

Mr. Scott Stirton President & CEO Architecture 49
Mr. Armin Martens President & CEO Artis Reit
Mr. Kevin Sitka President & CEO Assiniboine Credit Union
Mr. Ross Robinson President B.A. Robinson Co. Ltd.
Mr. Rob Penner President & COO Bison Transport
Mr. John MacAulay Senior VP BMO
Mr. John Bockstael President & CEO Bockstael Construction Limited
Mr. Brock Bulbuck President Boyd Group
Mr. James Burns Distinguished Member Business Council of Manitoba
Ms. Polly Craik Distinguished Member Business Council of Manitoba
Mr. Art DeFehr Distinguished Member Business Council of Manitoba
Mr. Kerry Hawkins Founding Chairman Business Council of Manitoba
Mr. Kevin Kavanagh Distinguished Member Business Council of Manitoba
Mr. R.M. Kozminski Distinguished Member Business Council of Manitoba
Honourable Richard Kroft Distinguished Member Business Council of Manitoba
Honourable Otto Lang Distinguished Member Business Council of Manitoba
Mr. Charles Loewen Distinguished Member Business Council of Manitoba
Mr. Nick Logan Distinguished Member Business Council of Manitoba
Mr. Arthur Mauro Distinguished member Business Council of Manitoba
Mr. H. Sanford Riley Distinguished Member Business Council of Manitoba
Mr. Don Streuber Distinguished Member Business Council of Manitoba
Mr. Murray Taylor Distinguished Member Business Council of Manitoba
Mr. Tom Bryk President Cambrian Credit Union
Mr. Leo Ledohowski President & CEO Canad Inns
Mr. Jeff Vassart President & CEO Cargill Limited
Mr. Jason Stefanson Vice Chair & Managing Director CIBC
Mr. Steve Kroft President & CEO Conviron
Mr. Garth Manness CEO Credit Union Central of Manitoba
Mr. Mike Pyle President & Chief Executive Officer Exchange Income Corporation
Ms. Ida Albo Managing Partner Fort Garry Hotel
Mr. Jamie Brown CEO & Executive Producer Frantic Films
Mr. James Cohen President & CEO Gendis Inc.
Mr. Elmer Hildebrand CEO Golden West Broadcasting Ltd.
Mr. Paul Mahon President & CEO Great West Life Co.
Mr. Don Janzen President Hylife
Mr. Jeff Carney President & CEO Investors Group
Mr. Hartley T. Richardson President & CEO James Richardson & Sons Ltd.
Mr. Eric Johnson President Johnson Waste Management
Mr. David Johnston President Johnston Group Inc.
Mr. Alan Borger President & CEO Ladco Company Limited
Mr. Don Boitson Vice President & GM Magellan Aerospace
Mr. Andrew Yorke President & CEO Manitoba Blue Cross
Ms. Fiona Webster Mourant President Manrex Limited
Mr. Blake Fitzpatrick Partner Maple Leaf Construction
Mr. Doug Harvey President & CEO Maxim Truck and Trailer
Mr. Bob Mazer President & CEO Mazergroup
Mr. Jason Yates President & CEO McMunn & Yates
Dr. Albert Friesen President & CEO Medicure Inc.
Mr. Brad Peacock President & CIO Megill Stephenson Co. Ltd.
Mr. Roy Cook President & CEO Monarch Industries Ltd.
Mr. Jay Forbes Chief Executive Officer MTS
Mr. Tom Pundyk President National Leasing Group
Mr. Charlie Clark Chief Executive Officer NetSet Communications
Mr. Paul Soubry President & CEO New Flyer Industries
Ms. Martha Konantz President North American Lumber Ltd.
Mr. Chuck Loewen Chairman & CEO Online Business Systems
Mr. Peter Tielmann President & CEO Palliser Furniture Limited
Mr. Jean Pierre Parenty President Parenty Reitmeier Inc.
Mr. Paul Albrechtsen President Paul’s Hauling Ltd.
Ms. Barb Gamey President Payworks
Mr. Albert El Tassi President & CEO Peerless Garments
Mr. Jim Tennant President & CEO Piston Ring Service
Mr. Lawrie Pollard Chairman Pollard Banknote Ltd.
Ms. Maureen Prendiville President & CEO Prendiville Industries
Mr. Gerry Price President & CEO Price Industries Ltd.
Mr. Brian Hastings President & CEO Qualico Developments
Ms. Kim Ulmer Regional President RBC
Dr. Donald S. Reimer CEO & Chairman Reimer World Corp.
Mr. Curt Vossen President Richardson International
Mr. Richard Bracken Chairman Royal Canadian Securities Ltd.
Ms. Ute Rehill Senior VP Scotia
Mr. Arni Thorsteinson President & CEO Shelter Canadian Properties Ltd.
Mr. Ron Helwer President Shur-Gro Farm Services Ltd.
Mr. Chris Watson Vice President TD Bank
Mr. E.J. (Rick) Duha Managing Director The Duha Group
Mr. Edward Kennedy President & CEO The North West Company
Mr. Jeff Goy President & CEO The Wawanesa Mutual Insurance Company
Mr. Mark Chipman Chairman True North Sports & Entertainment
Mr. Ken Neufeld President & CEO Tundra Oil & Gas Partnership
Mr. Grant Cockshott President Welders Supplies
Mr. Bob Silver President & CEO Western Glove Works Ltd.
Mr. David Baxter President & CEO Westman Communications Group
Mr. Barry Rempel President & CEO Winnipeg Airports Authority
Mr. Darryl Levy President & Chief Executive Officer Wynward Insurance Group