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As a non-partisan organization the Business Council refrains from endorsing candidates or parties; but we do advocate polices we feel are in the best interests of Manitoba and Canada. We offer views and opinions on critical national and provincial issues

Manitoba is a province built on trade – interprovincial and international – in goods and in services. The level of employment and incomes we enjoy as Manitobans is considerably larger than it would otherwise be if we served only our small Manitoba market. What should we be concerned about?

For starters we need to be competitive as a province and as a country where the business climate including not just taxes and regulations, but access to skilled labour and capital, infrastructure, and education are on a par or better than those jurisdictions we compete with in North America, and throughout the world. To be competitive we must encourage innovation, and private sector capital investment coupled with strategic public investments in infrastructure, education and community assets.

We need a trade strategy: allowing access to our Canadian market, and in return gaining access to international markets to support our future growth and investment. The direction and shape of our trade policy is fundamental to our economic future. Other jurisdictions  are constantly improving and looking for ways to grow. Are we? Are we open to enhanced trade? Do we value our home-grown businesses that generate tens of thousands of jobs? Will we work to keep them competitive and growing?

A competitive province is built on strong communities; and we should be prepared to invest in our communities. We should ensure our growing arts and culture sector is sustainable, giving it the priority given to other economic sectors.

The Business Council of Manitoba seeks to advance balanced innovative ideas to promote discussion and lead to positive change.

Will we and our governments be bold enough to implement the policies and make the investments to keep our economy competitive and innovative to ensure our people are educated and skilled, and will we be committed to a sustainable future where all Canadians have the opportunity to fully participate in our society?