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Let’s work together and make Manitoba a better province for all. 


About Toba Centre

Toba Centre for Children & Youth (formerly Snowflake Place) opened in 2013, offering this safe, neutral, family-friendly setting and in 2015, two forensic interviewers began conducting  interview of children and youth. 


Since that time, they have conducted over 2,500 interviews and been witness to the challenges that children and families face when attempting to navigate the systems responding to child abuse. They are currently evolving their centre into a fully functioning child advocacy centre for Manitoba. 

There is no impact without action.

The We Will Capital Campaign will raise $15 million to fund the renovations required to develop the space for the very specific needs of a high-functioning, multi-disciplinary child advocacy centre in a calm and serene setting.


Their Mission

Inspiring generosity to create the best health care experience for all Manitobans. In partnership with over 56,000 donors since 1976, the Health Sciences Centre Foundation supports the important work of HSC Winnipeg, Manitoba’s hospital. 

Through the Health Sciences Centre Foundation, donors’ gifts promote innovation and help to advance vital medical research; purchase state-of-the-art equipment to diagnose and treat patients; train the next generation of medical and research leaders; enhance HSC Winnipeg’s facilities; and implement programs  to enhance the patient and family experience. 


Operation Excellence is a $100 million campaign to revitalize and refocus Health Sciences Centre as a surgical centre of excellence and innovation. 

It is a comprehensive six-year, three-phase, initiative to redevelop a number of key spaces on the HSC campus; acquire the most advanced imaging and surgical equipment available with a focus on emerging, minimally invasive technologies; and implement state-of-the-art software systems to better manage surgical referrals and wait lists. 

Funds Raised
75,000,000 75%



Operation Excellence is bold and ambitious – and it is the key to a successful future for surgery in Manitoba. Starting now. 


With your support, Operation Excellence will help HSC:

  • Address the urgent diagnostic and surgical wait list situation in Manitoba
  • Ensure that every Manitoban who requires emergency or scheduled surgery at HSC gets timely, appropriate, excellent care 
  • Improve patient safety, comfort, and outcomes by moving toward more minimally invasive procedures when circumstances and technology allow 
  • Reduce wait times for scheduled surgeries 
  • Achieve overall care efficiencies and cost savings by reducing the number of days people need to spend recovering in hospital 
  • Reduce Emergency Department wait times by improving overall efficiencies at HSC 
  • Create the conditions to embrace emerging and future surgical technologies, such as robotics, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, intraoperative navigation, and others 
  • Become a hospital of choice for surgeons, nurses, and allied health professionals looking for opportunities to learn, excel, and perform leading-edge work.