The Business Council of Manitoba is committed to helping Indigenous students attend university or community college. We believe that education is an important component in their personal development and greatly improves their opportunities. We are gratified with the success of this initiative.

Since the program was launched in 2001, in partnership with the governments of Manitoba and Canada more than 2400 awards with a total of $6,000,000 have been presented. We are impressed by the quality of applicants, whose academic interests span the entire range of what our post secondary institutions offer. Almost all our recipients are graduating and finding work in their chosen fields of business administration, medicine, dentistry, social work, education, engineering, physiotherapy, Indigenous self governance and many more.

Every recognized post-secondary institution in this province – Assiniboine Community College, Booth University College, Brandon University, Canadian Mennonite University, Providence University College, Red River College, Steinbach Bible College, University College of the North, University of Manitoba, University of Winnipeg, Université de Saint-Boniface and Manitoba Institute of Trades and Technology – has been fully supportive of this program and integral to its continued success.

The cooperation that has characterized this initiative, including governments, business leaders, The Winnipeg Foundation, post secondary institutions and their administrators, and Indigenous organizations, is a model of community collaboration, bound together by a belief in the talent, energy and potential of our Indigenous young people. The Business Council of Manitoba is proud of what this program has done and is committed to building on its success so that more and more Indigenous young people can take full advantage of what Manitoba’s fine post secondary sector can offer. The BCM thanks all who have worked so effectively to make this program the success it has been.


If you are of Indigenous ancestry you are eligible to apply for a Business Council of Manitoba Indigenous Education Award provided you meet the following criteria;

  • You are a citizen of Canada and permanent resident of Manitoba, having resided in Manitoba for the last 12 months
  • You plan to enrol in one of the recognized and authorized Manitoba post-secondary institutions in the upcoming academic year, in any discipline (trades, business, general studies, science, etc.)
  • You maintain fulltime status (at least a 60% course load).
  • You are in need of financial assistance.

If you are receiving funding from other sources, you may still apply for this award to cover additional costs.


If you are eligible to apply for a Business Council of Manitoba Indigenous Education Award for your next year of study, please complete an application form and submit it to the financial services office at the post-secondary institution you will be attending.

Do not forget to attach:

  • a photocopy of Treaty or Metis Card
  • a résume
  • a copy of your most recent transcript or academic history
  • two copies of a short essay, one in your own handwriting and one typed (see application for details)

Application Deadline is March 31


In light of the precautions being taken surrounding the COVID-19 virus, and the continued in-person closures of many institutions, most applicants will be unable to drop their Award applications off at the universities and colleges. 

To accommodate this current situation:

Business Council Indigenous Education Award Applications:

May be emailed to:


May be mailed to:
Business Council of Manitoba
Suite 800 – One Lombard Place
Winnipeg, MB  R3B 0X3

Please submit applications as soon as possible even if you are not yet registered for classes.

Award application deadline is March 31st.

Please contact us with any questions: 
bcmawards@businesscouncil.mb.ca  or (204) 942-3637


All applications are screened based on the combined criteria of personal achievement, academic standing, financial need and community involvement. Once you have completed the application you must submit it to the awards office at the university or college you plan to attend by March 31. The successful applicants will be notified.

To submit your application and for further information, please contact the Business Council of Manitoba or the institution you are planning on attending.

Financial Aid & Awards Office
Student Services Centre
1430 Victoria Ave. East
Brandon, MB  R7A 2A9
204-725-8700 ext 6020
Email: awards@assiniboine.net

Scholarship and Awards Office
119 McKenzie Bldg.
270-18th Street
Brandon, MB R7A 6A9
Email: scholarships@brandonu.ca

Registrar’s Office
7 Fultz Blvd.
Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3Y 1G4

Student Service Centre
Room D101 2055 Notre Dame Avenue
Winnipeg, MB R3H 0J9
Email: financialaid@rrc.ca

Financial Awards Officer
Box 3000
The Pas, MB R9A 1M7
Phone: 204-627-8517

Registrar’s Office
200 Avenue de la Cathedrale
Winnipeg, MB R2H 0H7

Admissions Office
447 Webb Place
Winnipeg, MB R3B 2P2
Email: Admissions@BoothUC.ca

Enrollment Officer
500 Shaftsbury Blvd.
Winnipeg, MB  R3P 2N2
Email: financialaid@cmu.ca

Financial Aid and Awards
10 College Crescent
Otterburne, MB R0A 1G0

Department of Admissions
50 PTH 12 N
Steinbach, MB R5G 1T4
Email: info@sbcollege.ca

Financial Aid and Awards Office
Room 422 – University Centre Building
65 Chancellors Circle
Winnipeg, MB R3T 2N2
Email: awards@umanitoba.ca

Awards and Financial Aid
515 Portage Avenue 2Ri06
Winnipeg, MB R3B 2E9
204-779-8946 (UWIN)
Email: awards@uwinnipeg.ca


I am writing to express my eternal gratitude to the Business Council of Manitoba for the support given to me … The Aboriginal Education Awards … gave me so much more than monetary support. These Awards gave me stability when I needed it most … I even made the Dean’s honour list … I would love to eventually pursue my doctorate and teach at the Asper School of Business … Just knowing that there is a whole community of donors who want Indigenous students to succeed makes a world of difference …

Jennifer Moose

“I am very honoured and appreciative of being awarded a Business Council of Manitoba Aboriginal Education Award. Thank you so much for helping me to further my education and allowing me to pursue my goals.”

Felicia Mann

“Thanks to your help, many other Aboriginal students like myself are learning skills that will help us be successful in our chosen paths, and give back to the community.”

Kaitlin Laye

“It is people like you, who help me to continue my studies and ultimately reach my dream. With greatest thanks.”

Cheyenne Lafreniere

“I wanted to extend a heartfelt thank you for the very generous award. Receiving the Aboriginal Business Council Award has made this year possible for me … I look forward to being able to complete my diploma in Power Engineering and will never forget the help I received to get there.”

Lucas Jansson

“… The scholarship instils much hope and means the world to have this type of support and belief from others that I can do this. The award is an honour and motivates me to keep moving forward … and fulfilling my lifelong desire of becoming a nurse. I am overjoyed with the support the Business Council has provided me with and I realize there are truly caring people in this world, who are there to help support student education”

Lisa Thomas

“… It is very important that our Aboriginal peoples take our place as leaders in society. It is through opportunities like this that many of us will be able to follow our dreams to have a higher education …. and ensure the continuance of my career path in hopes of one day becoming a teacher … Thank you for giving me the best gift of all, an education.”

Kelsey McCall

“Thank you for giving me the financial support to allow me to pursue my dream to become a teacher.”

Michelle McKay

“I was very honoured to have been chosen to receive this prestigious award, and want to convey my utmost gratitude to the Business Council of Manitoba for helping me further my education and pursue my goal of obtaining my Law Degree.”

Bradley Boudreau

“Your commitment shows you care about the future of this province and the education of the Aboriginal community.”

Mathieu Duran


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Abraham, Nicole

Abraham, Tamara

Ackegan, Linda

Acoby, Natasha

Adams, Cameron

Advent, Jameson

Aisaican, Yvette

Albert, Julianna

Alexander, Cheryl

Alexander, Heather

Alexander, Ian

Alexander, Jocelyn

Alexander, Meagan

Alexander, Neil

Allard, René

Allarie, Michelle

Amos, Jolene

Amyotte, Colleen

Anderson-Sasnella, Mackenzie

Anderson, Charles

Anderson, Claudia

Anderson, Janet

Anderson, Janice

Anderson, Joanna

Anderson, Jonathan

Anderson, Kristin

Anderson, Larson

Anderson, Melanie

Anderson, Melissa

Anderson, Nikita

Anderson, Zackery

Andres, Kristian

Andrews, Jocelyn

Andrushko, Jesse

Andy, Florene

Angeconeb, Karen

Antoine, Amanda

Apetagon, Angela

Apetagon, Kristen

Apetagon, Tania

Appell, Laurel

Appleyard, Troy

Arnal, Travis

Arnott, Stephanie

Arthurson, Chanelle

Arthurson, Devon

Asham, Dylan

Asham, Guy

Assiniboine, Lorne

Atatise, Ashley

Atkinson, Graham

Atkinson, Kailey

Atkinson, Kelsey

Aubin, Lisa

Audy, Chad

Audy, Michelle

Auger, Sylvie

Ayers, Evan

Bahuaud, Amanda

Baker, Paige

Baker, Richelle

Balan, Amber

Balan, Carl

Balfour, Cecilia

Balfour, Irene

Ballantyne, Dale

Ballantyne, Darrell

Ballantyne, Jennifer

Ballantyne, Jessica

Ballantyne, Mary-Pauline

Barbeau, Chrissy

Barker, Charity

Barker, Emily

Barker, Yolanda

Barnabé, Carmelle

Bass, Dawn

Bates, Levi

Batson, Reannon

Bauer, Jordan

Beach, Michelle

Beam, Angela

Bear, Courtney

Bear, Shannon

Bearbull, Carrie

Beardy, Autumn

Beardy, Charissa

Beardy, Cole

Beardy, Kevin

Beauchamp, Rachelle

Beauchamp, Tania

Beaudin, Brielle

Beaudin, Colin

Beaudin, Eric

Beaudin, Mitchell

Beaudry, Dene

Beaudry, Nicole

Beaulieu, Marcella

Beaulieu, Renata

Beaulieu, Scarlett

Beaupre, Jennilee

Beaupre, Julia

Bee, Sydney

Benningen, Annick

Benningen, Lise

Berard, Jean-Francois

Bérard, Pascale

Bercier, Jacqueline

Berens, Tori

Berens, Wayne

Berthelette, Courtney

Berthelette, Tara

Bester, Cory

Bewer, Kayla

Big George, Yvette

Bignell, Jodi

Bignell, Mike

Bignell, Vincent

Bird, Adeline

Bird, Charles

Bird, Dallas

Bird, Emily

Bird, Glennis

Bird, Rosemary

Bittern, James

Bittern, Miranda

Black, Angela

Black, Brian

Black, Jacqueline

Blackbird, April

Blacksmith, Desmond

Blacksmith, Linda

Blacksmith, Lynda

Blacksmith, Sheree

Blais, Ashley

Blais, Mary

Blais, Natina

Blanchard, Kristen

Blazenko, Gary

Blazenko, Jodi

Blouw, Marcus

Bodnar, Vanessa

Bogi, Marika

Bohémier, Mireille

Boisselle, Kasey

Bone, Haley

Bone, Minerva

Bonham, Kale

Bonin, Sarah

Boothe, Mélanie

Boubard, Charlotte

Boubard, Robert

Boucher, Brianna

Boucher, Shyanne

Boudreau, Bradley

Boulanger, Binesi

Boulanger, Darryl

Boulanger, Larry

Boulanger, Raven

Boulanger, Stanley

Boulanger, Yvonne

Bourassa, Hilliard

Bourgeois, Mélanie

Bouvier, Darcy

Bowen-Lee, Aurora

Boxall, Brittany

Bradley, Emma

Branconnier, Nicole

Brandon, Laura

Brass, Consuella

Brass, Courtney

Brass, Giselle

Bray, Cassandra

Bray, Joshua

Bray, Nicholas

Brazeau, Thiaya

Brémault, Josée

Brennan, Natalie

Brightnose, Morgan

Brightnose, Suede

Bristow, Lindsay

Brodeur, Nadine

Brook, Fallon

Brown-Kraeker, Elaine

Brown, Crystal

Brown, Linnzi

Brown, Rachel

Bruce, Brittaney

Bruce, Lisa

Bruce, Nathan

Bruce, Noel

Bruce, Vernon

Brunel, Celeste

Bruyere, Albert

Bruyere, Dustin

Bruyere, Ryan

Bruyere, Tessa

Brydon, Adriana

Buchanan, Erin

Buck, Dayna

Buck, Nicole

Buors, Precille

Burka, Clayton

Burns, Cherie

Burns, Kristen

Burzuik, Karrie

Busch, Cecilia

Busch, Jerome

Bushie, Denelle

Bushie, Emily

Bushie, Shayna

Bushie, Taylor

Buss, Mandy

Bussidor, Christian

Bussidor, Patricia

Butcher, Brianna

Byer, Crystal

Caister, Melanie

Calder, Thomas

Calvert, Kerry

Cameron, Ashley

Cameron, Beverly

Campbell, Angel

Campbell, Brock

Campbell, Clint

Campbell, Jade

Campbell, Joshua

Campbell, Justin

Campbell, Lara

Campbell, Lindsay

Campbell, Rikki

Campbell, Taylor

Cantwell, Amanda

Carr, Jess

Carriere-Spillett, Tasha

Carriere, Amy

Carriere, Danielle

Carriere, Kaitlin

Carriere, Stephanie

Cason, Amanda

Casper, Derek

Catcheway, Sheena

Catcheway, Taylor

Catcheway, Vernon

Catellier, Karen

Cavallo, Carleena

Chambers-Hourie, Dakota

Chaput, Tiffany

Charriere, Louise

Chartand, Kandel

Chartier, Jocelyne

Chartier, Ryan

Chartier, Tyler

Chartrand, Amber

Chartrand, Brittany

Chartrand, Leanna

Chartrand, Lloyd

Chartrand, Mackenzie

Chartrand, Megan

Chartrand, Melodie

Chartrand, Riley

Chartrand, Ronald

Chartrand, Shylah

Chartrand, Stephanie

Chartrand, Trina

Chester, Jerri-Lynn

Chief, Corrine

Chilton, Kyle

Chippeway, Tulane

Chisel, Richard

Chiupka, Fernande

Chornoby, Angel

Chubb, Kyle

Chuckree, Kristy

Church, Charley

Claeys, McKenna

Clarke, Rachael

Clarke, Rebecca

Clarkson, Arley

Clarkson, Cherish

Clément, Marie-Josée

Clemons, Courtney

Clemons, Regan

Cleveland, Stephanie

Clinch, Terence

Clyne, Haylea

Cobiness, Margaret

Cochrane, Kaley

Cochrane, Nora

Cochrane, Raiden

Cochrane, Raylene

CochraneCook, Tannis

Cohen, Dylan

Collingridge, Meri-Lynn

Collins, Sean

Colon, Aaron

Comegan, Daphne

Como, Christy

Compton, Angel

Constant, Keegan

Constant, Melissa

Constant, Rhonda

Constant, Robert

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Conway, Sasha

Cook, Christie

Cook, Christina

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Cook, Mary

Cook, Mildred

Cook, Myrna

Cook, Ramona

Cook, Robert

Cook, Sarah

Cook, Tara

Cook, Tina

Cook, Veronica

Cooke, Stephanie

Cooper, Melissa

Cormier, Faith

Cornwell, Quinn

Cote-McKay, Tiffany

Cote, April

Cote, Darcie

Couchman, John

Councillor, Randi

Courchene, Ashley

Courchene, Katherine

Courchene, Marilyn

Courchene, Mark

Courchene, Marta

Couture-Wiens, Natasha

Cowley, Diana

Craig, Diana

Crane, Sherida

Cranford, Andrew

Crassweller, Michael

Crate, Candace

Crate, Christen

Crate, Summer

Critch, Michelle

Crosthwaite-Fidler, Irene

Csupak, Erika

Cunard, Crystal

Cyr, Aaron

Cyr, Monica

D’Avignon, Keri

Dandeneau, Lindsay

Dandeneau, Renee-Lynn

Daniels, Alyssa

Daniels, Ashley

Daniels, Marla

Daniels, Toni Lynn

Danis, Christian

David, Brittany

Davies, Allison

Davis, Amber

Day, Deliaha

Dean, Lucy

Delaurier, Jade

Delay, Chantale

Delorme, Chantel

Delorme, Noella

Demarchuk, Corey

Desjarlais, Craig

Desjarlais, Danielle

Desjarlais, Monique

Deslauriers, Jacqueline

Desmarais, Lise

Desrochers, Elaina

Desrosiers, Janelle

Desrosiers, Jayme

Dettanikkeaze, Melissa

Dewar, Lorette

Dienstbier, Chantal

Dion, Nathalie

Dmyterko, Sarah

Dmytryk, Jessica

Dokken, Lisa

Dorion, Desiree

Doucette, Debbie-Ann

Douglas, Galvin

Dreaver, Cheryle

Dreaver, Diana

Drury-Binne, Chantal

Dubois, Réal

Dubois, Sheena Marie

Dubois, Sonya

Ducharme, Benjamin

Ducharme, Christina

Ducharme, Frederick

Ducharme, Garry

Ducharme, Jerilyn

Ducharme, Jessica

Ducharme, Jim

Ducharme, Kaitlyn

Ducharme, Linda

Ducharme, Meghan

Ducharme, Michelle

Ducharme, Shaylee

Duchesne, Breann

Dueck, Veronica

Dumas, Grace

Dumas, Samantha

Duncan, Mavis

Dupont, Christopher

Dupont, Daniel

Dupont, Mario

Dupont, Rémi

Dupont, Steven

Dupont, Tiffany

Durand, Mathieu

Dyck, James

Dyer, Ashley

Easter, Chelsie

Easter, Crystal

Easter, Jade

Eastman, Joelle

Eastwood, Phoenix

Eden, Erica

Ednie, Barbara

Edwards, Marlene

Edwards, Thomas

Elton, Sheri

Emmrich, Barbara

Endall, Teena

Epp, Bev

Erickson, Tracey

Ernest, Sarina

Ettawacappo, Destiny

Ettawakapow, Jeremy

Everall, Trina

Everett, Linda

Ewanchuk, Trinity

Farquhar, Kayla

Favel, Steven

Ferland, Brittney

Fiddler, Kelly

Fiddler, Kim

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Fillion, Janelle

Fillion, Joanne

Firth, Kirsten

Fisher, Deana

Fisher, Debbie

Fisher, Tammy

Fisher, Victoria

Flamand, Kyle

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Flattery, Sarah

Fleming, Cheryl

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Flett, Justin

Flett, Kaylin

Flett, Margaret

Flett, Samantha

Flett, Vance

Flett, Wesley

Folster, Tammy

Fontaine, Alexandra

Fontaine, Bernadine

Fontaine, Christine

Fontaine, Dale

Fontaine, Jacquelyn

Fontaine, Jean-Claude

Fontaine, Melanie

Fontaine, Nicole

Fontaine, Roberta

Fontaine, Shauna

Fontaine, Tamara

Fontaine, Tammy

Fontaine, Tyrell

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Fosty, Jessie

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Fourre, Audrey

Fowles, Janna

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Frank-Settee-Beardy, Hunter

Fréchette, Marc

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Frobisher, Joey

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Funk-Edwards, Leslie

Funk-Edwards, Tracy

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Gabriel, Ardelle

Gabriel, Taylor

Galvin, Julie

Galvin, Melissa

Gamache, Delaney

Gambler, Shelley

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Gandier, Noah

Gareau, David

Gareau, Greg

Gareau, Leah

Garnett, Jocelyne

Garnham, Byron

Garnham, Darren

Garrioch, Lorna

Garson, Hilda

Gatien, Mark

Gaudet, Nadia

Gaudry, Aimé

Gaudry, Amy

Gaudry, Corrie

Gaudry, Jacqueline

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Gazayou, Darlene

Gazayou, Theresa

Genaille, Carolyn

Genaille, Darlene

Genaille, Jo-Anna

Genaille, Theressa

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Girouard, Sheena

Gobeil, Jessica

Gobeil, Raven-Dominique

Godin, Mandy

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Gopaul, Rayna

Gork, Lydia

Gosselin, Catherine

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Greives, Kimberley

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Johnson, Shelby

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Koswin, Chelsey

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Lafreniére, Lianne

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Langhan, James

Laplante, Amber-Lynn

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LaPlante, Monique

Laquette-Abdilla, Stephanie

Laquette, Courtney

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Lariviere, Kayla

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Larkin, Jodi

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Larocque, Craig

Lathlin, Amanda

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Lathlin, Linda

Lathlin, Pamela

Lathlin, Peggy

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Lavallee, Bailey

Lavallee, Chelsea

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Leary, Kali

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Letandre, Lana

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Letandre, Theodore

Levesque, Danick

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Lindell, Megan

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Linklater, Tabetha

Linklater, Thamer

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Longclaws, Kelsey

Longo, Cameron

Loutitt, Jason

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Lowe, Celeste

Lynn Nabess-Flett, Doris

Lynxleg, Eilleen

Lynxleg, Rhoda

Lynxleg, Whitney

Macaulay, Mark

MacCarthy, Kimberly

Machado, Jo-Ann

MacMillan, Ashleigh

Magda, Taylor

Maguet, Brigitte

Majeran, Allison

Majeran, Kristy

Malcolm, Kelsey

Malcolm, Tristan

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Mallett, Sharon

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Mancheese, Connie

Manitopyes, Shannon

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Marion, Valérie

Marks, Crystal

Marks, William

Marsden, Crystal

Marsden, Renata

Marsh, Cassandra

Marsh, Laura

Martin, Brenda

Martin, Kimberly

Martin, Marcia

Martin, Pamela

Mason, Cathy

Mason, Clarence

Mason, Jacinta

Mason, Jason

Mason, Joshua

Mason, Logan

Mason, Melanie

Mason, Peter

Mason, Raquel

Matkowski, Marsha

Matthews, Akosua

Maud, Priscilla

Maude, Marshia

Mauws, Jennifer

Maydaniuk, Brittany

Mayer, Nelson

Mayham, Tamra

Mayo, Kevin

Maytwayashing, Denise

Maytwayashing, Pauline

Maytwayashing, Rita

Maytwayashing, Sophia

McCall, Kelsey

McCallum, Ashley

McCorrister, C. Nelson

McCorrister, Chloe

McCorrister, Wanda

McDonald-Starr, Sandra

McDonald, Norma

McDougall, Candace

McDougall, Marlene

McGillivary, Norman

McGinnis, Lindsey

McIntyre, Bonnie

McIntyre, Karen

McIntyre, Orrin

McIntyre, Rory

McIvor, Andrea

McIvor, Christine

McIvor, Gary

McIvor, Jocelyn

McIvor, Miranda

McIvor, Shaine

McKay, Aaron

McKay, Allison

McKay, Anthony

McKay, Ashley

McKay, Brandyn

McKay, Brenda

McKay, Clarence

McKay, Dawson

McKay, Jadelyn

McKay, Janice

McKay, Jeremy

McKay, Lenny

McKay, Michelle

McKay, Miranda

McKay, Russel

McKay, Ryan

McKay, Valentina

McKay, Vanessa

McKenzie-Roche, Cameron

McKenzie, Colleen

McKenzie, Jonathan

McKetchen, Leslie

McKinstay, Sheri

McLean, Alyssa

McLellan, Carly

McLeod, Angelina

McLeod, Catherine

McLeod, Daniel

McLeod, Delma

McLeod, Elaine

McLeod, Tricia

McLure, Jacklyn

McNabb (Chiupka), Fernande

McNabb, Brianna

McNarland, Robyn

McVicar, Jason

Meade, Chelsey

Meade, Dina C.

Mecas, Catherine

Meconse, Gregory

Meeches, Evangeline

Meeches, Michelle

Melenchuk, Janell

Melnick, Kilmeny

Menard, Aimée

Menard, Kyla

Mentuck, Amanda

Merasty, James

Merasty, Kendra

Merasty, Robert

Merasty, Samantha

Mercer, Caylin

Mercredi-Antsanen, Lorraine

Michell, Claudette

Michell, Stephanie

Michelle, Alyssa

Miller, Brian

Miller, Kari

Mini, Corey

Miscavish, Tara

Mitchell, Cheryl

Mitchell, Claudette

Mitchell, Kilie

Moar, Shaylyn

Moar, Wanda

Moen, Tammy

Mohammed, Johnathon

Moneas, Patricia

Moneyas, Breylin

Moneyas, Naomi

Monias, Jeremy

Monkman, Benjamin

Monkman, Geraldine

Monkman, Jonathan

Monkman, Kevin

Monkman, Kyle

Monkman, Lisa

Monkman, Norman

Monkman, Randi

Monkman, Tara

Monkman, Vanessa

Moore, Charlene

Moose, Clarissa

Moose, Denise

Moose, Jennifer

Moose, Terrance

Moosetail, Angie

Moosetail, Cheryl

Moosetail, Darcey

Moosetail, Randi

Moquin, Mona

Moquin, Sophie

Morach, Judy

Moran, Raven

Moreira, Jo-Ann

Moriaux, Kendra

Morin, Trysten

Morissette, Chelsea

Morrison, Lisa

Morrisseau, Clifford

Morrisseau, Ira

Morrisseau, Randi

Morrisseau, Shenise

Morrisseau, Sylvia

Morrissett, Clark

Moyer, Michelle

Muggaberg, Sherri

Mulaire, Mercédes

Muller, Alain

Muller, Daniel

Muller, Michel

Munroe, Nyomi

Munroe, Preslee

Murdock, Alycia

Murdock, Corrine

Murdock, Jordan

Murdock, Patricia

Murdock, Shenae

Murray, Doug

Murray, Kealy

Muswaggon, Nikki

Muswagon, Jennifer

Muswagon, Lisa

Muswagon, Sierra

Muswagon, Tanya

Muswagon, Zoe

Myran, Debbie

Myran, Naomi

Myran, Tara

Myron, Deidre

Nabess-Flett, Doris

Nadeau, Logan

Nadjiwan-Cancade, Randa

Nadwodny, Andrew

Nault, Christina

Nault, Patrick

Nault, Rielle

Neckoway, Ramona

Neil, Anna

Neil, Rachel

Nelson, Angeline

Nelson, Anna

Nelson, Sherry

Nelson, William

Nepinak, Adeline

Nepinak, Kelsey

Nepinak, Precilla

Nepinak, Rebecca

Nepitabo, Kevin

Nerbas, Jennifer

Newman, Jayme

Normand, Paige

Novak, Zachary

O’Donnell, Bryce

Ogoms, Eucharia

Ogryzlo, Natalie

Oliveira, Cindy

Olson, Carmel

Olson, Kaigan

Olson, Toni Ellen

Ouskun, Annabell

Ouskun, Taneeka

Outchikat, Melanie

Owens, Gildon

Page, Tera

Paizen, Bruce

Palidwor, Cassandra

Pangman, Serenity

Pangman, Vaunda

Paquette, David

Paradis, Rachel

Parent, Francine

Parenteau, Justin

Parenteau, Tracy

Partridge, Colin

Pashe, Kelly

Pashe, Tamara

Paul-Pashe, Dylan

Paul, David

Paul, Ozten

Paul, Shannon

Paul, Shantaya

Pedden, Brittany

Peebles, Breanna

Pelletier, Angel

Pelletier, Heaven

Pelletier, Wesley

Pelly, Rochelle

Pena, Nina

Perepeluk, Katie

Perez, Derick

Perkins (Beaudry), Angie

Perreault, Tia

Perry, Miriam

Peters-Fontaine, Darise

Peters, Corinne

Peters, Diana

Petrowski, Blair

Phillips, Brittany

Phillips, Joy

Phillips, Kateri

Phillips, Michael

Pierce, Emilene

Pierone, Cynthia

Pierre-Folster, Janelle

Pierre, Ariyah

Pierre, Elise

Plett, Melanie

Plouffe, Courtney

Podolsky, Elliott

Pohl, Patricia

Poirier, Michael

Ponace, Celine

Poole, Cody

Popovits, Shannon

Porteous, Lindsay

Porter, Karly

Pranteau, Melanie

Pranteau, Valerie

Pratt, Kristen

Prefontaine, Janelle

Prefontaine, Matthew

Prefontaine, Natalie

Prell, Elyssia

Preteau, Vicki

Prince, Ashley

Prince, Charlotte

Prince, Robert

Procyk, Nicole

Proteau, Kayla

Pruden, Andrew

Pruden, Ernest

Pruden, Norma

Quill, April

Quill, Candi

Quill, Chantell

Quill, Zoe

Rabiscah, Vivian

Racette, Stewart

Rae, Ashley

Rank, Madison

Rank, Nicole

Ranville, Tristan

Ratte, Darcy

Rauch, Meghan

Raven, Raquel

Raven, Trent

Redhead, Beatrice

Reece, Sarah

Resch, Danielle

Reynolds, Véronique

Rheault, Kaylyn

Richard, Beverley

Richard, Courtney

Richard, Donna

Richard, Jamal

Richard, Janine

Richard, Mandi

Richard, Maxine

Richard, Mitchell

Richard, Teron-Jordan

Richards, Alanna

Richards, Harvey

Richards, Jeremy

Richards, Raven

Richards, Reagen

Ridgen, Bryce

Riel, Desiree

Rieu, Nicole

Ringland, Erin

Rivera, Celeste

Robinson, Dinae

Robinson, Lucas

Robinson, Ronald

Roccola, Kristen

Rohne, Neal

Rollins, Melanie

Rosati, Louisa

Rose, Andrea

Ross, Amber

Ross, Amy

Ross, Darlene

Ross, Erica

Ross, Frances

Ross, Janessa

Ross, Jessica

Ross, Jocelyn

Ross, Marie

Ross, Roseanne

Ross, Trista

Ross, Wendy

Rossier, Natalie

Roulette, Danielle

Roulette, Lacey

Sabel, Marcie

Sabiston, Les

Sabourin, Jenna

Saltel, Danielle

Salwan Mason, Darnell

Sandberg, Edward

Sanders, Justin

Sanderson, Anita

Sanderson, Audreanna

Sanderson, Clifford

Sanderson, Corey

Sanderson, Darrell

Sanderson, Fabian

Sanderson, Kayla

Sanderson, Ken

Sanderson, Lana

Sanderson, Michelle

Sanderson, Warren

Saquet, Ashley

Saquet, Kylie

Saultier, Katelyn

Saultier, Mylene

Saunders, Debra

Saunders, Jennifer

Sayer, Elijah

Sayese, Jennifer

Schmidt, Melissa

Schuler (Jones), Chrissey

Scott, Gary Joel

Scribe, Stephanie

Seaman, Brian

Semkowski, Deanne

Settee, Barry

Settee, Craig

Settee, Kevin

Settee, Leona

Setter, Kylie

Severite, Elliot

Seymour, Carmilla

Seymour, Destiny

Seymour, Joseph

Seymour, Julian

Shankaruk, Taylor

Shannacappo, Serena

Sheppard, Patricia

Shingler, Dillon

Shorting, Cyril

Shorting, Sheri

Sigmundson, Ryan

Silvari, Courtney

Simard, David

Simard, Vanda

Simcoe, Rene

Simpson, Corey

Simpson, Jacqueline

Simpson, Joselyn

Simpson, Marley

Simpson, Samantha

Sinclair, Adele

Sinclair, Amanda

Sinclair, Cliff

Sinclair, Clyford

Sinclair, Cynthia

Sinclair, Felicia

Sinclair, Irwin

Sinclair, Jacqueline

Sinclair, Jeremiah

Sinclair, Kylee

Sinclair, Kyra

Sinclair, Lyndel

Sinclair, Rosaleen

Sinclair, Shelby

Sinclair, Shyanne

Sinclair, Thera

Sinclair, Trinity

Sioux, Andrew

Skelton, Ashleigh

Sklar, Misty

Slater, April

Sloan, Tracy

Smith, Alicia

Smith, Barry

Smith, David

Smith, Jessica

Smith, John

Smith, Jordan

Smith, Kaylee

Smith, Shannon

Soldat, Shaynee

Sondezi, Charnele

Souque, Janine

Souque, Nicole

Spence, April

Spence, Geraldine

Spence, Gloria

Spence, Joanna

Spence, Julian

Spence, Kerry

Spence, Leticia

Spence, Louise

Spence, Myleen

Spence, Rhonda

Spence, Richard

Spence, Shannon

Spence, Sheyenne

Spence, Virginia

Spence, Wanda

Spiers, Christopher

Spillett, Isca

Spring, Darren

Squires, Kaitlynn

St. Germaine, Chantel

St. Germaine, Meaghan

St. Goddard, Nicholis

St. Goddard, Robin

St. Hilaire, Claude

St. Hillaire, Michelle

Staines, Kenton

Starr, Russell

Starr, Shera

Starr, Willie

Staub, Krysta

Staub, Michelle

Steffano, Jessica

Stevens, Sandra

Stevenson, Brandy

Stevenson, Brikena

Stevenson, Melissa

Stevenson, Robyn

Stevenson, Trudy

Stevenson, Wendy

Stewart, Derrick

Still, Leah

Stoltz, Michelle

Stoltz, Penny

Stone, Kathleen

Stortz, Jacqueline

Stout, Diana

Stout, Ian

Strong, Lisa

Strowbridge, Ann

Sturmer, Emily

Sumka, Shannon

Sumner-Travers, Kelsey

Sumner, Taylor

Suru, Ilona

Sutherland, Christine

Sutherland, Natasha

Sutherland, Shayna

Sutherland, Valerie

Sutherland, Wheland

Swampy, Chelsea

Swampy, Cindy

Swan, Jason

Swan, Karen

Swayze, Natalie

Sweetland, Carla

Syring, Janelle

Taillefer, Dominic

Tait, Kiana

Tait, Lindsay

Tait, Mervin

Tait, Myra

Tamoto, Crystal

Tapatai, Maureen

Taylor, Joel

Taylor, Michelle

Taylor, Troy

Tétrault, Dominique

Tétrault, Mélanie

Thidrickson, Bren-Lee

Thiebaut, Susan

Thomas, Aleena

Thomas, Cheyenne

Thomas, Glennon

Thomas, Lisa

Thomas, Nathan

Thompson, Bonnie

Thompson, Destiny

Thompson, Jason

Thompson, Shaune

Thorsteinson, Lori

Thundersky, Kakeka

Timmerman, Marc

Tobacco, Timothy

Tober, Justin

Todd, Angela

Tom, Kevin

Tompkins, Jillian

Touchette, Cloe

Touzin, Chloe

Towers, Ferrin

Tozer, Derek

Tozer, Joseph

Trampe (Smith), Jessica

Travers, Rosalind

Traverse, Jonathon

Traverse, Lindsey

Traverse, Miranda

Traverse, Nicole

Tremblay, Kristy

Trudel, Mallory

Trueman, Teresa

Truthwaite, Branden

Tssessaze, Glenn

Turcotte, Danica

Turenne, Evan

Turenne, Richard

Turner, Dakota

Turner, Desiree

Turner, Ernestine

Twoheart, Shania

Twovoice, Maureen

Twovoice, Nathan

Tyler, Derek

Tymko, Jenna-Marie

Unrau, Theresa

Valentino, Juliet

Van Damme, Natalie

Van Eindhoven, Cynthia

Vandal, Crystal

Vandenbosch, Charlene

Vandepoele, Craig

Vann, Nicole

Verrier, Audrey

Vezina, Brandi

Vicente, Whitney

Villeneuve, Francine

Vincent, Daniel

Vincent, Jocelyn

Vincent, Laurent

Vincent, Marc

Vincent, Tanya

Vitt, Cory

Vitt, Emily

Vivier, Sheela

Vosters, Justin

Vosters, Nicole

Vosters, Ryan

Voyer, Sandra

Walker, Francine

Walker, Jenna

Wall, Anna

Wallegham, Tara-Lynn

Waloshuk, Heather

Warrener, Dana

Warrener, Jolan

Warrener, Kristianna

Warrener, Stephan

Wass, Amy

Wastasecoot, Carly

Watson, Joy

Watt, Patricia

Wavey, Erin

Weenusk, Betsy-Ann

Weisensel, Ashley

Weisensel, Jevon

Weisensel, Krystal

Wells, Danielle

Wermie, Jennifer

Wesley, Megan

Wesley, Troy

West, Kristin

Westra, Kathleen

White-Taylor, Rolanda

White, Ginger

Whitehead, Kathleen

Whitehead, Kimberly

Whiteway, Keith

Whiteway, William

Whitford, Rina

Widrick, Winona

Wiebe, Sadie

Williams, Garrett

Williams, Jessica

Williams, Julie

Williams, Leslie

Williams, Roland

Williams, Sarah

Williamson, Cody

Williamson, Jared

Williamson, Kelvin

Williamson, Tara

Willis, Kayla

Willms, Sally

Wilson, Jason

Wilson, Noah

Woitowicz, Leonard

Wolfe, Tammy

Wood-Guimond, Jeremy

Wood, Allison

Wood, Beverly

Wood, Carrie

Wood, Erin

Wood, Gregory

Wood, Jaylene

Wood, Joseph

Wood, Marisa

Wood, Queena

Woodford, Denise

Woodford, Nancy

Woodhouse, Hannah

Woodhouse, John

Woodhouse, Joshua

Wooster, Colton

Wright, JoAnn

Wright, Tyiesha

Yellowback, Debbie

Yellowback, Donna

York, Diamond

York, Julie

York, Nicole

Young, Dianna

Young, Kamal

Young, Kimberly

Young, Kristen

Yuzicapi, Stephanie

Zadnik, Karl

Zastre, Lisa

Zimmerman, Kayleen

Zitting, Breanne

Zurba, Erin


Since the inception of our Awards program in 2001, our Business Council of Manitoba members have contributed funds each year to support post-secondary education of Indigenous students.

Every dollar contributed is matched 1:2 by the Provincial Government of Manitoba.

Every dollar contributed goes directly to the Award recipients.

If you are interested in making a donation to our Business Council of Manitoba Indigenous Education Awards:

A donation of any amount may be made by using any of the following options:

To make a donation online, you can simply click on the link below. This link will take you directly to make a donation to our “Business Council of Manitoba Indigenous Education Awards” through the secure site of The Winnipeg Foundation using your credit card. Tax receipts are automatically generated when someone makes a donation online, with the exception of a recurring/pledge gift.

Online Donation

Donations can be made by cheques made out to “The Winnipeg Foundation” with “Business Council of Manitoba Indigenous Education Awards” indicated in the memo area. Tax receipts will automatically be sent to those making a donation by cheque.

Cheques may be mailed to:  

The Winnipeg Foundation
1350- One Lombard Place
Winnipeg, MB R3B 0X3

This link will take you directly to The Winnipeg Foundation website page providing all details required to make a donation to our Business Council of Manitoba Indigenous Education Awards via Gift of Securities.

Gift of Securities link

If you have any questions regarding donations, please call our Business Council of Manitoba office at (204) 942-3637.

Thank you for supporting our Business Council of Manitoba Indigenous Education Awards.