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Community Wellness

COMMITTEE MEMBERS Barry Rempel Doug Harvey Mark Chipman Kim Ulmer Sandy Riley Rob Coghlan Rob Read Derek Johannson Shaun Hauser

Competitive Business Environment

COMMITTEE MEMBERS John Bockstael  Al Babiuk Chad Friesen Albert Friesen Grant Cockshott Rob Penner Gerry Price Derek Johannson John Heimbecker Terry Brown Shaun Hauser

Manitoba sign
Economic Recovery Roadmap

COMMITTEE MEMBERS Curt Vossen  John Bockstael Rick Duha Edward Kennedy Mark Chipman Rob Penner Paul Mahon Paul Soubry Gerry Price Barb Gamey Jason Stefanson Jamie Brown

global water tap
Integrated Water Strategy

COMMITTEE MEMBERS Jason Yates  Ray Bouchard  Murray Taylor Larry Vickar

Manitoba Investment Fund

COMMITTEE MEMBERS Mike Pyle  Jason Stefanson  Steve Kroft Darryl Levy

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