• From the President

    The Business Council of Manitoba is pleased to welcome you to our new website. We will use the site to communicate with members, other Manitobans, and readers outside our province about topics we believe are important to the future of our province and our nation.


  • From the Chair

    Welcome to the Business Council of Manitoba and thank you for your interest.

    Since our inception twenty years ago, we have been guided by an unwavering desire to help make Manitoba stronger for ALL Manitobans. As Chair, I am humbled and honoured to lead a Council made up of business leaders, each of whom have a long established record of doing what is right for our Province. +



Welcome to the first President’s blog on the new improved Business Council of Manitoba website, sporting a new look, new colours and a refreshed logo. Most importantly we will be adding new content over the coming months on a variety of topics.

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