For applicants who have not already submitted their Award applications to the universities or colleges:

In light of the precautions being taken surrounding the COVID-19 virus, and the closures of many institutions, most applicants will be unable to drop their Award applications off at the universities and colleges.

To accommodate this current situation:

Scanned applications may be emailed to:

If you do not have electronic capabilities:

Applications may be mailed to:
Business Council of Manitoba
Suite 800 – One Lombard Place
Winnipeg, MB R3B 0X3

Although at this time we are not formally extending the deadline, we understand there may be issues with students submitting their applications by the March 31st deadline.

Students may still submit applications as soon as possible with a brief note of explanation.

We will be accepting all applications.


Some words of thanks from our award recipients:

“It is people like you, who help me to continue my studies and ultimately reach my dream. With greatest thanks.” – Cheyenne Lafreniere

“… The scholarship instils much hope and means the world to have this type of support and belief from others that I can do this. The award is an honour and motivates me to keep moving forward … and fulfilling my lifelong desire of becoming a nurse. I am overjoyed with the support the Business Council has provided me with and I realize there are truly caring people in this world, who are there to help support student education”  Lisa Thomas

“Thank you for giving me the financial support to allow me to pursue my dream to become a teacher.” – Michelle McKay

“I wanted to extend a heartfelt thank you for the very generous award. Receiving the Aboriginal Business Council Award has made this year possible for me … I look forward to being able to complete my diploma in Power Engineering and will never forget the help I received to get there.” – Lucas Jansson

“… It is very important that our Aboriginal peoples take our place as leaders in society. It is through opportunities like this that many of us will be able to follow our dreams to have a higher education …. and ensure the continuance of my career path in hopes of one day becoming a teacher … Thank you for giving me the best gift of all, an education.” – Kelsey McCall

“I am very honoured and appreciative of being awarded a Business Council of Manitoba Aboriginal Education Award. Thank you so much for helping me to further my education and allowing me to pursue my goals.”  Felicia Mann

“Thanks to your help, many other Aboriginal students like myself are learning skills that will help us be successful in our chosen paths, and give back to the community.” – Kaitlin Laye

“Your commitment shows you care about the future of this province and the education of the Aboriginal community.” – Mathieu Duran

“I was very honoured to have been chosen to receive this prestigious award, and want to convey my utmost gratitude to the Business Council of Manitoba for helping me further my education and pursue my goal of obtaining my Law Degree.” – Bradley Boudreau